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Han Hai Xiongfeng (16th Nov 22 at 12:51am UTC)
"I started late," said Li Sinan. "I never paid a visit to Master Pei. I didn't expect to see Brother Yang today. In this way, we are more Not an outsider. But I don't know why Brother Yang went to Mongolia. Yang Tao said, "I've been here for seven years, and it's a long story." Well, the pine wind valley has arrived, my business. Let's talk about it later. Songfeng Valley is a ravine sandwiched between two peaks, unlike the so-called valley at the bottom. This ravine is long All of them are pine trees, cool and breezy, worthy of the name. The fragrance of pine nuts in the wind makes people feel refreshed. Li Ennan said, "It is indeed worthy of the name of Songfeng Valley.". But in such a secluded place, if it weren't for brother Yang, how could I Find As he spoke, he went outside a cave. Yang Tao said in a whisper, "Be gentle." Li Sinan bent down, pregnant with A little curious and a little nervous, he went into the cave with him. The entrance of the cave is narrow, but the inside is wide. Li Sinan fixed his eyes on it and saw that the cave was arranged like an ordinary farmhouse. Room, with a haystack as a bed, lying an old man, in this old man's side, sitting a girl. The girl was surprised to see a stranger come in. "I've brought Mr. Li here," said Yang Tao. The girl looked at Li. At a glance,warehouse pallet racks, Sinan seemed to understand, but he shook his hand and said, "The patient has just fallen asleep. Don't wake him up." The old man suddenly opened his eyes and said, "Who's here?" It turned out that he had been ill for a long time and was only resting with his eyes closed. Already, not sleeping soundly. "Good," said Yang Tao. "The old man likes it. I've brought your son." The old man, his eyes shining, sat up and said, "Come closer and let me be careful." Look,heavy duty cantilever racks, is it really my Nan'er? Li Sinan had already guessed that the old man was his father, but because he had been cheated once, he did not dare to recognize him for a while. It's because of him Although he approached the old man, he did not kneel down and kowtow to his father. The light in the cave was weak, but Li Sinan was a person who had practiced hidden weapons, and his eyesight was better than that of ordinary people. At this time, he had already entered the cave. Yes, I got used to the dim light in the cave. Glancing at it, I saw a piece of parchment hanging on the wall. On the paper were the words, "Boy!" Look carefully, it is a Tang poem, the ink is still fresh, I think it was written not long ago. The old man sighed and said, "I waited for you for many days, thinking you wouldn't come.". I've been homesick for two days. I wrote this homesick poem by Cui Lishan, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. I didn't expect you to come today. How is your mother? Without an answer, warehouse storage racks ,industrial racking systems, Li Sinan read this poem first. The poem said, "The water flows and the flowers wither mercilessly. Send all the east wind across the city of Chu. Butterflies." Home in the dream is thousands of miles away, and the cuckoo branch is in the third watch of last month. Hometown poetry moves through age, and the spring of Huafa urges the growth of the temples. Naturally, if you don't return, you will get the five lakes. Who is fighting for the smoke scene? The feeling of homesickness is fully revealed in this poem. But what Li Sinan noticed was not the poem itself, but the handwriting. Sure enough, it was the same as his father's handwriting, which he knew well. With tears in his eyes, Li Sinan knelt down and said, "My son, who is not filial, has come late. He is so tired that his father has suffered.". Mom is in good health, just waiting. Dad, go back! "I'm afraid I can't go back," the old man said with a wry smile. "If I can see you, I'm already satisfied." Li Sinan swallowed his tears and said, "Dad, don't be sad. You'll get better.". Take a break and talk about it. Li Sinan advised his father not to be sad, but his own heart was very sad. His father was only about fifty years old. You're not supposed to age like this. I don't know how much my father has suffered, and the wrinkles on his forehead are all Mongolian Tartars. Evidence of evil! I hate that I have been deceived by a traitor, and I almost know a thief as my father. Li Sinan thought. That girl brought a bowl of medicinal tea, say: "Father, you drink medicine to say again." Li Sinan heard the girl call his father. It was a little strange to be a "father", but at this time he had no time to ask about the identity of the girl as long as he knew about his father.
This bowl of medicinal tea has ginseng, after Li Xihao drank, the spirit is better, said: "I annotate that military book you." Did you bring it? This is my unfulfilled wish. Apart from your mother and son, the only thing I have been thinking about is this book. I still remember that there are 112 pages in this book, and I only annotated sixty-eight pages. Have you ever seen it? "This book is on me," said Li Sinan. "I have read it. The first half has your notes, which I understand very well, but It's a pity that I can't understand the second half without notes. Li Xihao took the book his son had given him and flipped through it, his eyes shining with joy, but then he sighed. "I don't have the energy to go on," he said. "You keep it well, and you can finish this masterpiece for me in the future. Well, I'm really worried. I'm relieved now that you've been cheated by that man. Then he handed the book back to Li Sinan. Li Sinan hid the book of war and said, "Who is that man? I just want to know." "I know he is using my name now," said Lee. His original name was Yu Yizhong, and I was in the prison camp. One of my best friends. I can't imagine that this best friend was the one who hurt me the most. At this point Department, coughing repeatedly. "Father," said Li Sinan, "speak slowly. The child will avenge you! "I wish I could tell you all at once," said Li Xihao. All right, take your time. "I met him when we were reclaiming wasteland in the north of Kulun Pool.". There were as many as two or three thousand captives of the Han Chinese who reclaimed the wasteland, and the Mongolians occupied the Tartars. Impatient to remember the names of our Han people, they numbered the captives, I am 873, this Yu is 870. Fourteenth, so we were in the same team during the day and in the same barracks at night. He has read books and knows a little martial arts. So I got along well with him, and after a long time,mobile racking systems, I naturally became good friends. The Mongolian Tartars only know that I am eight hundred and seven. Thirteen. He's 874. The names of Li Xihao and Yu Yizhong were still unknown to the Tartars at that time. Li Xihao took a sip of ginseng soup and continued: "Reclamation life is miserable.". In the prison camp, of course, there is also greed and fear.
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