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Swallow the starry sky _ I eat tomatoes _ txt nove (16th Nov 22 at 12:45am UTC)
"Am I going to stop on the eighth floor?" Luo Feng is not reconciled, but this is like countless words on a huge picture scroll, indeed like a book from heaven. Hum! Abrupt! Luo Feng, who had been studying the words on the scroll, suddenly felt that all the words on the huge scroll in the void were bright, and in an instant, his consciousness was attracted into the scroll. Just like using the "virtual universe sensor" consciousness to enter the virtual universe, Luofeng's consciousness at this moment is entering the picture scroll. Luofeng stood motionless on the suspended land, and the star-like words on the circular picture scroll in the distance of the surrounding void were shining one after another, containing a special rhythm. Whoa! A vague figure appeared in the void. m He was wearing a luxurious king's robe, which was surrounded by a faint black awn. His figure was blurred and he stood in the void. He stood there as if the whole eighth world was centered on him. Absolute nobility spread out. He was looking at Luofeng standing on the distant land. It's the second one. The black figure sighed softly. "The last consciousness just entered the world of picture scrolls and soon failed.". I don't know if this one will work. "" Maybe I'm too delusional? " Although the world of Jin is vast, it may still be unrealistic to be able to produce a peerless figure who can practice this secret art. Just, besides this, what can I do, what can I do? I have no choice. I have no choice. The black figure sighed softly. Countless lives will eventually be born with miracles. The black figure looked at Luo Feng in the distance, looking forward to it. But Luo Fengsha stood there in a daze, but his consciousness had entered the world of picture scrolls. Picture scroll world. Luo Feng only felt that consciousness was attracted, there was a feeling of entering the virtual universe, a vision,outdoor spa manufacturers, then came to a towering palace emitting a faint purple light. This palace is built on the top of an endless mountain. Luo Feng at a glance, the towering palace everything seems to be covered by clouds, it seems blurred, just a glance, all feel strong oppression. Luo Feng looked back into the distance and saw that the mountains he was in were endless and could not see the end at all. What the hell is this place? I was just watching those empty words, and my consciousness was dragged in by force. Luo Feng felt more and more mysterious. Your own will is equally strong? The circular picture scroll composed of empty words forcibly dragged his own consciousness. Come in "Come in!" "Come in".. , The door of the towering palace, which was emitting a faint purple light, was a call, which made Luofeng feel confused in an instant, so foolishly he went directly to the door of the palace and went to the depths of the hall. ( m) "Hm?" Luo Feng woke up with a start and immediately looked around. "Am I in the hall?"? It was controlled without any vigilance, endless swim pool ,whirlpool hot tub, and the gap was too big. This is a very beautiful hall. There are exquisite pillars on the edge of the hall. The pillars are carved with pictures. There are also some decorations on the walls in the distance. All of these are scattered with strong pressure. Luo Feng wants to see clearly, but he still can't see anything clearly. He can't even see the ground under his feet. It's like looking at Hu Hu in the fog. Boom! The whole hall suddenly trembled. Luo Feng immediately turned around and saw a strange beast appear out of thin air in the hall. The beast was covered with black scales and armor, similar to a lion, with a curved purple horn on its forehead and purple eyes. It was walking in the hall, making the hall tremble. And you are Luo Feng looked at the strange beast. I am the Arcanum itself. Said the purple-horned strange beast proudly. Luo Feng is stupefied: "Secret art itself?" "Why, even weapons and so on can have spirit, how can this secret art not work?" The purple-horned beast sneered. Luo Feng was stunned. Then ecstasy! God. The spirit of the secret art in the world of Jin for a sergeant, I'm afraid I don't understand "the spirit of the secret art …" But Luofeng has to break the East River and inherit it. Knowing the ancient civilization, he naturally understands what the spirit of the secret art is. In the ancient civilization, there are only some super beings who stand at the peak of the whole ancient civilization. In order to choose a qualified successor for their proud learning, they will make great efforts to refine a "secret treasure". Make the secret art, contain a spirit.
It is very harsh for the secret art to merge into one spirit, and only three generations of patriarchs can do it in the Duandong River. No other inheritors have been able to do so. The secret art has a spirit, and it will choose a truly suitable master. If other strong people try to get this secret art by force with their strong strength, they can only fail and the treasure of the secret art can't recognize the Lord, and they can't even erase the spirit. After all, only the master can easily obliterate the spirit of the treasure, or a super strong man can destroy the spirit of the treasure. Can refine the treasure of the secret art, which is not the super existence of ancient civilization? If the three generations of patriarchs come up with a secret spirit, even if the three generations of patriarchs themselves do not recognize the Lord, they will not be able to destroy the treasures they have refined. Therefore, it is difficult to destroy the spirit of the secret art, but it is even more difficult to get the unique knowledge that the peak existence is proud of. In the end what is the secret art, unexpectedly specially made a secret spirit? Is this the work of His Majesty the God King? Luo Feng secretly said, "Even if I cut off the East River, only three generations of patriarchs can do this." In the face of this purple-horned beast, Luo Feng obediently listened by the side, after all, even three generations of patriarchs can not be strong, everything is in accordance with the rules set by the creator of the secret spirit. You can enter the world of picture scrolls, and you still have some foundation. "But whether you can get this secret skill depends on your strength," said the purple-horned strange beast. The sharp horns of the purple-horned strange beast suddenly shot out four rays of light. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Four rays of light bombarded the whole hall in four different directions, and suddenly a huge scroll appeared on the four walls of the hall at the same time. The scroll rolled down and hung down. There were countless words on the scroll,whirlpool hot tub spa, but the countless words on three of the scrolls could not be seen clearly. There is only one picture scroll. That is to say, the words on the scroll in the air of the hall door are very clear, and Luo Feng can read them all.
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