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Anecdotes from the Bureau of Public Opinion (16th Nov 22 at 12:44am UTC)
Sun Fatty's eyes stared at that time, limping to rush over desperately. I grabbed him one step ahead and said three words in a very low voice in Fatty Sun's ear: "It plays dead.". In the eyes of ordinary people, the money rat is now a dead mouse. But when I use the eye of heaven, I can see that its soul is not out of body. But also very exuberant. Play dead? The white-haired man in black carried the tail of the money rat back and forth a few times, and saw that the money rat's big head was swinging back and forth with the frequency of the white-haired man in black, looking no different from a dead mouse. Unfortunately, the white-haired man in black holding it did not think so. The white-haired man in black raised his mouth slightly, stretched out his other hand and flicked it on the big belly of the money rat. The money rat trembled all over as if it had been electrified. It did not care to play dead at the moment. Its four paws kicked in the air and its mouth squeaked. Fatty Sun could not bear to look at it any longer. "Do you have the same experience as a mouse?" He said? You let it go, and if you have the ability to attack me.. "Two come" say, he handed me that small crossbow: "Hot Chili, give him! I secretly scold this fat man is not a thing, how do you hurt your buttocks do not know? Even if I hit more accurately than him, but the crossbow arrow can not be close to the body of the white-haired man in black, I have no move, maybe my body will come to such an arrow. When the time comes,Chinese spa manufacturer, I will be afraid of being unlucky. If I am shot at the vital point, I will be confessed in my life. But I still took the crossbow over, rare Sun Fatty so generous, not white. After loosening the bowstring, it was pinned on my back waist. Then he flashed the dagger that the third uncle had given me. But as far as the situation is concerned, I showed the dagger to embolden myself. Unexpectedly,hot tub wholesale, when I flashed the dagger, the eyes of the white-haired man in black narrowed, and he took a step back unconsciously. Fatty Sun was sharp-eyed and saw that it was cheap. He also flashed Wu Rendi's dagger. Seeing the two identical daggers, the man in black and white hair looked very surprised. He seemed to recognize the origin of the two daggers. It's just that he couldn't figure out why these two daggers appeared in the hands of me and Fatty Sun. For a moment, the scene was somewhat frozen. The white-haired man in black had no intention of coming over, and Fatty Sun and I did not dare to move forward. After about two minutes of stalemate, there was a sound of footsteps behind the white-haired man in black, and a figure appeared beside the white-haired man in black, which was completely covered by darkness and could not see his face. But faintly, I could see that the man was missing an arm, 4 person jacuzzi ,whirlpool bathtub, only one arm. The figure whispered a few words to the white-haired man in black. Unfortunately, the voice was too low to hear what they were saying. Finally, the white-haired man in black nodded slightly. After listening to the figure, the white-haired man in black ignored me and Fatty Sun and turned back to the darkness. Fatty Sun shouted in the direction of his disappearance, "Don't go!"! Bring back our rat! I admire Fatty Sun a little. It's nothing to let the white-haired man in black return the money rat, but it takes some courage to dare to let him'don't go '. As soon as Fatty Sun's voice fell, he saw a small hairball running towards Fatty Sun in the darkness ahead, and the white-haired man in black actually put the money rat back. The money rat climbed directly to Sun Fatty's shoulder, but when he climbed to Sun Fatty's trouser leg, Sun Fatty grinned and repeatedly said, "Ouch." .. "scream." Fatty Sun is standing beside me. The shaft of his ass was still dripping blood. At this time, Fatty Sun was in a cold sweat of pain, and the sound of "hissing" in his mouth was constant, and he was gasping. He hesitated and tried to pull out the crossbow bolt from his buttocks. But every time his fingers touched the shaft, he trembled with pain. Fatty Sun can't do it. I gave him a hand. While he took his hand off the shaft for an incalculable number of times. I suddenly reached out and grabbed the shaft, and before Fatty Sun could react, I had pulled the arrow out of his ass.
"Ow!" Fatty Sun covered his buttocks and jumped up more than one meter high. What he shouted in his throat was no longer a human voice. He shouted to me in a trembling voice: "Hot pepper.." You move.. Can't you say a word when you hold hands? Can't you give me some preparation? After I returned the bolt I pulled out to him, I said, "Nonsense, I prepared you in advance. Can you let me do it?" Chapter 199 After the crossbow arrow on Sun Fatty's buttocks was pulled out, the pain was relieved a lot, but the wound was still bleeding. It was obviously the buttocks that were injured, but the bleeding situation was like an injury to the aorta. I was trying to find a clean cloth to make a simple bandage for Fatty Sun. The money rat suddenly "squeaked" a few times, ran from Sun Fatty's shoulder to his jacket pocket, rolled inside for a while, and when he came out again, he had already taken the small piece of gentian in his mouth. Then the money rat climbed to the back of Fatty Sun. He made an incredible move. It wrapped its tail around Fatty Sun's belt. He hung his body upside down, spit out the gentian in his mouth, and pressed it on the wound on Fatty Sun's buttocks with two front paws. The moment the gentian stuck to the wound, the bleeding slowed down, and after a few seconds, the blood was completely stopped, not to mention that the wound was gradually healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. I have been attracted by the action of the money rat. I heard Hao Wenming say that this small stone piece called gentian or ghost can revive the dead. Now it seems that it is hard to say whether it can revive the dead, but at least this small stone piece can stop bleeding and promote granulation in a very short time. Fatty Sun's neck was almost broken, and he couldn't see what the rat was doing on his ass. "Spicy,jacuzzi bath spa, help me see what the rat is doing on my ass."? Why is my wound so cold? "He's scraping your bones." When I heard Fatty Sun ask me, I just told him how the money rat used gentian to stop bleeding. Fatty Sun's eyes were so big that he shook his buttocks. Sure enough, he couldn't feel the pain.
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