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Defective products (16th Nov 22 at 12:18am UTC)
"Don't talk nonsense. I'm the third plane. My partner pilot has fainted. I'm going to run like this. Can we be realistic, old brothers?" "Change the pilot of No.4. My blood pressure is too high to stand up!" The one-eyed eagle cleared his throat. "Inspector Yu.." William Yu interrupted him coldly. "If they hadn't done it, it's not impossible for me to surrender. But they shot down our two mecha first. There were four brothers in it. Did they die in vain?" Police inspector Yu seized the moral high ground this time, and the others could not answer, so they had to shut up for a while. They all felt that William Yu was an idiot. Even if he thought his life was too long, he still carried the big hat of morality and justice to catch someone and press him. He had to drag a few more cushions. If he had known this, he should have been allowed to rot when he was infected with the rainbow virus. At this time, in the communication channel, the signal on the sixth plane flashed. A man nicknamed "Grey Wolf" said: "I brought the people on the second plane and the seventh plane. The pilot on the second plane just now was his brother-in-law. I know you are not familiar with them. In an emergency, as a relative and friend, I should be qualified to represent the dead. The one-eyed eagle will avenge the dead later. It's important for us to save the lives of the living now. The one-eyed eagle went down the slope and said to the donkey, "Well, indeed, I'm sorry …" Missiles, spread out! He suddenly warned, the voice fell, the crowd has been scattered like a frightened bird, then, a long-range missile hit like a silk ball, this is a tracking missile,shuttle rack system, after being dodged, immediately detect the surrounding energy fluctuations, re-lock the target, in the air quickly hit a circle, turn around and come again, straight to the slowest running No.9 aircraft. At the moment of passing by, the tracking missile model "TOC-RV230" was detected on the mecha of the Cyclops, which was produced by the Sixth Military Factory of the Alliance Military Commission. The one-eyed eagle's pupil shrank,pallet rack shelving, but it was too late to think about the way the other side came: "Open the anti-missile, ah, still in a daze, can you run over the missile?" The No.9 aircraft, which was locked, hurriedly activated the anti-missile system and fired a missile with the intention of intercepting the other side. Unexpectedly, under tension, the interceptor missile actually misoperated, and the pilot misfired before he could finish aiming! We should know that the interceptor missile is different from the active launch missile, because there is an anti-missile system, so the aiming is automatic, the computer is locked, the pilot can give a launch command, and a fool can not miss a little training. The one-eyed eagle almost fell. His imagination was limited. He really couldn't figure out how the interception was wrong. Enemy firepower is ferocious, heavy duty metal racking ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, well-equipped, like a God, our pig teammates can not even make a semi-automatic fool operation! For no reason, the one-eyed eagle remembered what someone said in the communication channel just now-we are no longer soldiers. I really don't know whether to laugh or cry, and I have mixed feelings. The panicked No.9 plane was chased by the tracking missile, but it was William who rushed up and stopped the tracking missile with a missile. The fragments of the missile exploded everywhere, like a handful of broken sand. One-eyed eagle heart says: "hit a fart." As the leader, he decided to ignore the iron-boned police inspector Yu and surrender on behalf of the majority. He again sent a communication request to the enemy not far away, and at the same time, he sent a special signal of peace with the mecha. Next, according to the interstellar convention, they should automatically jump off the spirit net and hand over the control of the spirit net to show that they were harmless. As soon as the signal was sent, the "middle-aged and old professional surrender group" led by the Cyclops scrambled to jump off the spirit net one after another. After jumping out of the spirit net, they automatically disconnected from the internal communication channel. In a twinkling of an eye, there was no one else in the communication channel except the police inspector and the old Persian cat himself! Cyclops: … No, at least let me shout'ready to jump ', right? "When I was 150 years younger than I am now, I never thought I would be pulled to my knees by my companions to beg for mercy in such a mess," said William, the only remaining listener on the communication channel.
” The one-eyed eagle was too lazy to have the same experience as him. "Don't be a hundred and fifty," he said with a wry smile. "If I could be a hundred years younger, I would never die with them today. Will you jump first or will I jump first?" William Yu was silent. It seemed that he was going to die hard to the end. The mecha group of the other side had already pressed up. The one-eyed eagle could not control him. He sighed silently: "Ready to disconnect the essence.." At that moment, however, the No.9 and No.3 aircraft next to him suddenly changed their tracks. When the pilot disconnects the mental net, the mecha will become unmanned. This operation is obviously man-made. The enemy should have controlled the mental net of the two small mecha. William, who was silent, suddenly said loudly, "Wait a minute, be careful!" The one-eyed eagle suddenly looked up, and from the perspective of the mental network that had not yet been disconnected, he saw the No.3 and No.9 aircraft, which had modified their orbits, speeding up like neuropathy, turning around each other a few times, dancing a funny splayed dance for a while, and then crashing into each other! At the same time, the communication request sent by the Cyclops was rejected again! The other side not only does not accept surrender, but also intends to kill them after making fun of them like a child playing with insects! The one-eyed eagle cursed a dirty word and shouted at William Yu in the communication channel: "Number three!" In William's understanding, the two men unfolded the spirit net at the same time, covering the accelerating No.3 aircraft, snatching the spirit net of No.3 aircraft. There were two pilots on No.3 aircraft, which obviously realized that it was wrong. Four people crashed into the man-machine interface at the same time. The short local advantage squeezed the enemy occupying No.3 out of the spirit net. Then, the Cyclops and William quickly quit, and the pilot, who had regained the authority of the Spirit Network,heavy duty cantilever racks, braked sharply, and the mecha deflected sharply and narrowly passed the No.9 aircraft. The men on several other Mechs also came to their senses and panicked and began to try to recapture the spirit net. The small light in the silent communication channel lit up and went out, like a dying firefly.
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