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Step light dust (30th Nov 22 at 1:12am UTC)
No, Boa likes her mother because she is good to her. Boa will never leave her mother.. Ah, mom, Boa is a little sleepy and wants to sleep. Mom, hug.. "Huh?"? Why do you suddenly want to sleep? As soon as the light dust was worried, the words came out. Uh? Who wants to sleep? Ye Xinyi and Ye Laotou all gathered around. Light dust hugged Baoer, but this guy looked like a big dog, but he was so heavy that he almost didn't hold him steady. Be careful, be careful! The night old man picked up the treasure carefully and said, "It ate the green spirit fruit. It's going to grow up, so it will fall into a deep sleep.". Let me take it back for you first! Son, you take my disciple to see your master first. "Master, where are you going to take Boa?"? How long will it be asleep? If he wakes up and doesn't see me, he'll be sad! Light dust remembered that this little guy even had to take a bath with her, and if she woke up and her mother was gone, what else would it be? Don't worry, he didn't wake up so soon. He had to sleep for ten days and a half months. I'll take it to my place first, and I'll ask your brother to send you here later. The night old man was about to leave with Baoer in his arms when he suddenly turned around and ordered Qingchen mysteriously, "Good disciple, don't forget to ask him for a gift when you meet your uncle later!" Night Xin also could not help but once again rose red face,Sex Enhancement Powder, there is such a father, he has no way. Qingchen smiled disapprovingly and winked at Shifu, saying, "Don't worry, Shifu!"! The disciple will not disgrace you. The old man of the night left proudly. This disciple is really to his taste! Much better than the son, if the son married home as a daughter-in-law, that would be even better,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, ha ha. Chapter Four Two Heavens Finally came to the door where the Lord of the Luo Xuan. Night Xin also went in first to inform, and then went in with light dust. Luoxuan is actually the residence of the master. Since the fall of Zongmen, the magnificent Council hall in front of it has been abandoned, and the former master of Zongmen has slightly renovated it, which integrates office and life. Nevertheless, when the light dust came in, it still felt that the hall was very grand. First of all, the hall is very large, and it is not a problem to seat at least one or two hundred people. Secondly, the hall has very good lighting. Sunlight shone through the open windows and skylights, shining the gilded sculptures on the walls and pillars, making the whole hall look really bright. Master Martial Uncle looked like he was in his forties. He was tall and handsome. He had three strands of beard on his lips. His good-natured smile gave people a feeling of gentleness and kindness. Qingchen thought he was more like Brother Ye's father, but his master looked too old. In a word, the master uncle gave her a very kind and gentle feeling. Night Xin also went to his master's side after the announcement, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Kava Root Extract, light dust to see Xia Wenting and Feng Wenyu two people have been one step ahead of them, now standing beside the uncle. The younger generation pays a visit to Martial Uncle with light dust! Qingchen went in and knelt down respectfully and kowtowed. To tell you the truth, when Qingchen came here, the most unaccustomed thing was the etiquette of kowtowing to people at every turn. However, she was willing to kowtow to Shifu just now and to the Master of Martial Uncle now. To be a master is to teach everything he has learned all his life, but to be a disciple is nothing? There is truth in the old saying that one day is a teacher and one day is a father. Elder Martial Brother received a good disciple! "The master sighed and laughed gently." All right, get up, sit down and talk! Sit down, all three of you! With a greeting from the master of the gate, Ye Xinyi's three brothers and sisters also sat down on both sides. It can be seen that this martial uncle is really gentle to people. It turned out to be the daughter of the Bu family. A thousand years ago, the Bu family was also a famous family of cultivating immortals. Qingchen is still young, right? I heard from your Elder Martial Brother that the skill of lying on the moon you practiced was originally secretly passed on to your father by him. As soon as Qingchen heard this, he was worried that Martial Uncle would make trouble for Brother Ye. He immediately replied carefully, "Back to Martial Uncle, my father died early, and he was murdered. When he hung the Jade Pupil Jane on me, he didn't tell my mother what it was.".
I was naughty when I was a child. I broke my hand and accidentally met Jade Pupil Jane. Only then did I know how to lie on the moon, but I didn't know where it came from. I didn't know the secret of Langhuan until I met my elder brother two years ago.. Master Martial Uncle nodded and said with a sigh, "Martial Uncle knows. It's not your fault.". Xin also violates the rules of the gate. From tomorrow, go to the secret room of the Hall of Punishment to practice in seclusion. When you reach the seventh floor, you will come out. "The disciple took the order!" Ye Xin also kowtowed respectfully to his master, looking as usual. Light dust looked at the gentle appearance of the master uncle, and saw the elder brother look unchanged, thinking that seclusion practice should also be good for the elder brother, did not take it to heart, so also did not see Xia Wenting and Feng Wenyu eyes of worry and horror! "It's good that you can practice like this, and now you have practiced to the second level, right?"? In the future, if your master doesn't make it clear, it's the same to ask Martial Uncle. Come on, these two green fruits are for you. It's a gift from Martial Uncle. The rule in our school is that every disciple who enters the school should be given a green spirit fruit when he first enters the school. Your master has only one disciple for so many years, and your uncle has given two. Martial Uncle will find you a storage belt later, so that he won't say I'm stingy. Ha ha ha ha.. The master's uncle joked gently and casually. It was obvious that although the two brothers had completely different personalities, their feelings were quite good. Thank you, Martial Uncle. Qingchen took Bi Lingguo and hesitated for a moment before saying, "Martial Uncle, in fact, I have reached the peak of the fourth level of the Sleeping Moon Skill. I should have entered the fifth level, but there seems to be something wrong.." "Have you reached the fifth floor?" Almost everyone was startled and stared at her as if they were looking at a monster. Why, what's the matter? Light dust blink, is there anything wrong with the fifth floor? "The fifth floor!"! This time the eldest brother to be happy crazy, no wonder he cheated you to his door early. Although the Master's tone was somewhat regretful that Qingchen was not his disciple, he still could not hide the happy look on his face. He immediately got up and grabbed Qingchen's hand bowl to carefully examine the progress of her skill. Finally, with a deep sigh,D BHB Factory, he said with a happy smile, "We have received another talented disciple from Langhuan Secret Realm!"! It's only seventeen, seventeen. 。
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